Team Apparel

We are excited to partner with Augusta Swim Supply this year. Order online by April 15th and shipping is FREE* (see note below). All swimmers receive 1 cap and 1 team Tshirt free with registration. The 2018 team suits are the same as 2017 so you only need to purchase if you are a new swimmer or if your suit no longer fits. Goggles are available in regular and junior sizes. Ladies tops will have the River Hills shark fin logo embroidered on the front. Click here to visit our team store.

* In order for our team to qualify for free shipping (a $10 savings per order), all orders placed by April 15th will be shipped to coach Joan Epping and not to the person placing the order. All merchandise ordered this way will be handed out at the Kickoff Party on Sunday, May 6th. Any orders placed on the website after April 15th will be charged a shipping fee and will be sent directly to the shipping address on the order.